Brittany Murphy’s Sleazy Sex Photos

September 27th, 2010

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Are you ready for more hidden Brittany Murphy sleaze exposed? Then brace yourselves as we give you these explicit and revealing hardcore sex pictures of the Clueless and Girl, Interrupted star as she spread her legs wide open while our guys get their steel-hard cocks pumping and stuffing her gaping love hole in all sorts of provocative positions that will keep your pecker stand at attention as you browse through tons and tons of her hardcore sex photos with our exclusive Brittany Murphy nude photo gallery that’s too hot to handle!

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Seen here in these shots is Brittany Murphy riding a fat cock squealing with delight and enjoying herself. What a wild nymph, this blonde beauty was! See Brittany Murphy enjoy a good round of hot sweaty sex like a true hungry sexpot, check out these provocative Brittany Murphy naked pictures.

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The Brittany Murphy XXX Files

April 23rd, 2010

Brittany Murphy is gone now, but we still remember her wild ways.  So in honor of this perky blonde cutie, we’re posting two pics here showing just what we mean by when we say Brittany Murphy was stone-cold hardcore and we’ll miss her completely.

The first of our nasty photos is a shot of Brittany Murphy in a lesbian threesome with none other than Winona Ryder!  Who knew those two hotties were so close?  I guess celebrities need some fun in between their shoots, and these two have a really hardcore sense of what’s fun!  Now that is one lucky dude, who got to fuck two Hollywood babes like these two!

Then we have a photo of Brittany Murphy in not just a threesome, but a foursome!  I guess threesomes are old hat for Brittany, having had tons of them before.  Now it’s really a full-blown orgy, and I wonder how many other guys are hidden outside the frame! It must be a lot because I heard that Brittany is really hungry for cock, like the way she was hungry for chicken in Girl Interrupted.  Now that’s nasty.

We’ll always hold a torch for this sexy blonde, and if you feel the same way, I think you should see the hardcore images they have of her at this site, because it’s right to remember everything about her, good and bad, though I wouldn’t consider anything she did in these pics as bad!

Brittany Murphy’s awesome and hungry pussy

October 15th, 2008

You may have heard her amazing voice in the animated film “Happy Feet” where Brittany Murphy voiced the character of Gloria and I say that she can whistle a good tune after all. But behind her wholesome image as a Hollywood actress, there is this small naughty side to Brittany that a lot of people didn’t know and we of course are bound to spill the beans and reveal the sleazy side of every famous Hollywood celebrity around. And this time we are exposing these hot and kinky nude pictures of Brittany and how she lovingly shows off her delectable pussy for everyone to see. We have here some of the samples that we have uncovered and she is just as hot as ever! Watching her go naked and flashing that cabbage is something that all of you horndogs out there would like to very much see…

Aside from her sizzling naked photos, we even got to see this mind-blowing picture of her getting a hardcore fisting from one of her gal pals and by the looks of it, Brittany seems to be enjoying this nasty treat like a real slut! This is one smokin’ photo set that you wouldn’t want to miss and we are more than happy to share them to all of you and all you have to do is simply click on this link and visit Brittany Murphy Naked right now and go crazy with all of the new stuff we have there just for you.

Brittany Murphy’s tits, cleavage and more

September 9th, 2008

There’s something about Brittany Murphy that makes her so hot and aside from her alluring sex appeal, she’s got what it takes to become one of the world’s most desirable and sexiest celebrities this side of Hollywood… and it shows! So listen up Brittany Murphy fans out there and we are back to give you more of her sleaze and this time we are showcasing the Just Married star’s revealing and sexy paparazzi pictures taken when Brittany was seen attending a Hollywood event all dressed in a black, see-through evening dress where everyone could see her sexy pair of tits and it looks like Brittany doesn’t mind flaunting her twins that night and it was a feast for all paparazzo present and their cameras started flashing and flickering away just to get a snapshot of her titties. Aside from that, we have managed to get hold of other prized paparazzi photos that included stolen shots of the actress/singer spending some quality time outdoors with a bikini top and lo and behold as she bends forward, our lucky pals got some good shots of her cleavage and a sexy nipple slip.

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A Hardcore Threesome For Brittany Murphy

July 2nd, 2008

Every guy would love to be in a threesome with some hot girl, and every girl would probably love being sandwiched between two hot guys, and Brittany Murphy is no exception!  When her chance came to get it on with two hard and hung fuckstuds, she gave in to her urges and just went wild!  Never mind that the location wasn’t secure and paparazzis could come in anytime, she just wanted some hot threesome action, and that’s what she got.  You bet that whoever gets to fuck this slim and sexy babe will give it all they’ve got, and that coating of cum all over her firm buns are proof of that.  Plus see how wet and gaping her pussy is in this dirty picture…

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Brittany Murphy Loves Lesbian Sex

July 2nd, 2008

We heard the Brittany Murphy is really into getting some Sapphic action whenever she can.  We’re not surprised though.  With the variety of roles that she’s done, and with her many appearances on TV in interviews and at hot events, we’ve noticed that she’s really comfortable being one of the boys.  I guess that comfort extends to acting like a boy in bed, when she’s with some hot chick who’s also into hot, steamy lesbian sex sessions.  She really seems to enjoy licking another girl’s clit, and having hers licked in return.  Boobies also excite this babe, and damn if that doesn’t excite our boner too!  I guess Brittany Murphy going lesbian is a win-win situation for all concerned, and we hope more sexually explicit Brittany Murphy lesbian pics will come l out like these ones.

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Brittany Murphy, Addicted To Hot Dildo Action?

July 2nd, 2008

Judging from these pics, it looks like Brittany Murphy just isn’t getting some, so she has to resort to taking the self-pleasure route in order to get some carnal satisfaction.  How can a big star and sexy babe like her not find any guy who wants to stick their boner in her tight, sweet snatch?  But then maybe it’s not about finding a guy to fuck her.

Maybe it’s about enjoying her big, thick dildos so much that she can’t stop using them whenever she’s got a spare moment or two.  I mean look at the size of those adult toys she has.  We hear she’s got a lot of them, and if they’re all that big, no wonder she’s addicted to ‘em!

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A Topless Album Cover For Brittany Murphy?

July 2nd, 2008

Now we know that Brittany Murphy used to sing in a band during the 90s, and she’s proven that she still has what it takes to carry a tune when she voiced Gloria, the female penguin in “Happy Feet”.  That’s why she’s currently working with various DJs and producers on her debut album, and has even had a hit club single with her collaboration with Paul Oakenfeld in 2006.  So when’s that album coming out?  No news on that yet, but we think that there might already be some album art being done, and we hope they’re going with a topless Brittany Murphy as the cover!  Well, it might only be a daydream fantasy, but with this topless image of Brittany floating around, we’re crossing our fingers that it’ll become a reality.  God knows the music business needs a shot in the arm, and a controversial cover would drive those CD sales up, don’t you think?

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Brittany Murphy Shows Off Her Tits And Pussy

July 2nd, 2008

Well, Brittany Murphy’s pussy is a perfectly delightful treat, and a feast for the eyes too, so we’re not surprised that Brittany likes to show it off whenever she hangs out at the homes of her celebrity friends.  Luckily, every one can afford a camera, so all the raunchy things that go on in those Hollywood hangouts is fully documented!

Sure, these Hollywood are like us sometimes, and they just like to hang out at each other’s apartments and homes and just chill, but Brittany likes to really get comfortable and take off some of her clothes sometimes.  That’s why we have dirty images of this sweetie relaxing on a couch topless, or just sitting with her legs open and no panties on.  Sometimes she knows there’s a camera around and likes to pose naughtily for her friends.

Now that’s the kind of celebrity we’d like to hang out with, but if you live miles away from La-La Land, then you can enjoy the Brittany Murphy naughty pics we have here, instead.  It’s sizzling hot and the perfect companion to the Brittany Murphy movie marathon you’re having by yourself there in your room.